Sport Podium Informations

Sport Podium Informations In order to better understand the individual elements of the configurator, it is worth reading the basic information below. We describe the general structure of our products, materials used for construction and other technical information.

Choosing the suitable Sport Podium model is important to maintain the durability and ensure safety its users.

Sport Podium Informations

Single Sport Podium

Sport podium one element is not possible to fold them to a smaller size. The customer recives a ready-to-use product. (Pic. 1)

Sport podium informations

Multi Sport Podium

It has 3 or more separate blocks and, depending on the version, foldable or not foldable. Large modular winners podium, due to the big surface of the treads, are only available in a non-folding version. (Pic. 2)

Sport podium informations

Not Foldable Sport Podium

Sport Podium not foldable compared to the foldable version, have larger positions (all positions have the same dimensions length x width), which increases functionality and safety. (Pic. 3)

Sport podium

Foldable Sport Podium

It have subsequent treads that are 5 cm smaller (length 5 cm x width 5 cm), which means that, for an example, the 3rd place is already 10cm smaller than the 1st place.

This solution allows you to put 2 places into 1st place and 3 places in 2nd place. It also requires the use of other, more expensive solutions to harden the structure.

After folding, (for medium and large podiums) carrying three stations at the same time after folding, so folding only applies to reduce the space above the podium during transport or storage at the destination. (Pic. 4)

Our offer of modular foldable podiums includes two lines of dimensions: „Fit 50” and „Comfort 60”. „Fit 50” means that an area of 50x50cm is allocated for each user, and for the „Comfort 60” line, 60x60cm.

Sport podium

 Sport Podiums Height

We offer meny height options Sport podium. The standard version is 60, 45 and 40 cm. The presented photo is an example based on the 60x60cm non-folding model.

Sport podium

Sport Podium Construction Informations

Creatoria Sport Podium is made of various materials, including: Furniture board, PCV light, PVC hardened, Plywood, Poliethylene, EPS, steel or aluminum.

Depending on the intended, conditions of use, functionality, appearance and budget, at the beginning you should choose a specific material. Below we present the main materials used in production. More you can see in sport podium gallery.

1. Furniture board

furniture board

The podiums furniture board are strong, stiff but heavier than PCV. Laminated furniture boards susceptible to edge moisture, which occurs when used, e.g. in the rain or in a swimming pool may cause problems. The surface is ideal for covering with foil or laminating. UV printing is possible after using binding primer fluids. A popular material recommended for use in dry areas sport hall,sports field,entertainment halls.

2. PCV Foamy – light


Podiums PCV light  they are light and 100% waterproof. Material is a little flexible. The PVC light material with a slightly hardened the surface. Matte surface is nice and flat (PCV- polyvinyl chloride). Very stable for print and foil with laminate. Recommended for moisure area and not difficult terrain.

3. PCV Layered- hardened

pcv hard

PVC hardned Celplast is 100% waterproof. Is hard, stiff and more resistant to damage material compare PCV LIGHT. Layered panel made of hard PCV on the outside and core made of foamed PCV. Podiums PCV Celplast material has a pleasant semi-gloss. Very stable for print and foil with laminate. Recommended for moisure area and difficult terrain.

4. Polyethylene Tuplay


Tuplay podiums are products with extreme resistance to UV radiation, moisture and scratches. Its intended, among others, for: the production modern playgrounds, stand out not only for their interesting colors, but also meet strict requirements hygiene, maintenance and durability standards. The slabs are two-colored or single-colored. It is not possible to print or paste foil, only milling shapes. Recommended for hard terrain.

5. Steel profiles

20×20 steel profiles welded, polished and lacquered. Dibond layered panels of any structure and color, and thickness of about 3mm. Extremely resistant to damage, scratches, overload, dirt and moisture. Recommended for hard terrein.

6. Alu. profiles

Materials resistant to damage, dirt and moisture. Construction made of aluminum profiles, screwed together and the covering made of 3mm layered panels with the possibility of printing, glueing or milling. Recommended for outdoor area.

7. Plywood


Plywood are heavier than furniture boards and not waterproof. The material is very stiff and strong, which translates into the possibility of implementing large structures. Possibility to use plywood with melamine in several colors for an additional fee. Recommended only for dry area.


Podiums are made of hard Styrodur in the form of mono blocks. It is not possible to fold them into each other. These winners podium are perfect for covering with sponge, leather or fabric. Recommended for dry area.

Advantages and disadvantages of materials

Plywood (Raw)Furniture board (white)PVC Foamy
PVC hardened
(profiles 20×20)
Aluminum (30×30)STYROFOAM EPS 200
Surface resistance to scratches+++++++++++++++++++
Water resistance of the material++++++++++++++++++++
Ease of Care+++++++++++++++++++++
Possibility of folding++++++++++++++++++++++
Final grade:1114171415161714

This is our subjective assessment. May vary based on individual user ratings and terms of use.

Covering Sport Podium

At the 1,2,3 positions we use approved, grooved, anti-slip rubber with a structure on the treads pyramids, as standard option.

Other materials available on request; colored PCV, rubber and fabric floor coverings, silicone mats, colored microrubber, any material with sponge lining or anti-slip foil laminate.

The choice of material for the tread suggests, to some extent, the place of use.

Hand grips covered with flexible veneer in black or white.

1. Pyramid rubber

2. Grooved rubber

3. PCV flooring

4. Lining flooring

5. Regranulate rubber

6. Flooring rubber

Design of Sport Podium

We print 1,2,3 digits + 3 logos directly on the material using UV Print technology in the basic option without lamination, as standard. UV printing directly on the material is a permanent print – it cannot be removed.

We can also laminate at 70 degrees C, on the entire surface of the material or only on printed areas. The laminate can be removed.

If we want to print the entire surface, we can do it using UV printing or print on foil  with laminate. Print on monomeric matte white foil. CMYK printing. The laminate cannot be removed.

The standard color of the entire surface is white for the following versions: furniture boards, PVC, steel and aluminum.

Creatoria sports podium designs are protected by copyright.

Configuration Sport Podium

1. The standard color sport podium is white for: furniture board, PCV,steel and aluminium.

2. Footrests, 4 pcs 20mm plastic (screwed or studded) for 1 block.

3. Design is 1.2.3 numbers and 3x logotypes on one side. Full-surface printing is not included in the basic price. It is possible to obtain any color or graphic on 100% of the surface, including steps.

4. Covering 3mm gubber piramide black colour

5. Black PCV hand grips for carrying

6. Construction material for tread supports for narrow versions of foldable podiums

For an additional fee, we can use any furniture board colors, textures and surface quality for construction, from matte to glossy on acrylic board. We also make multimedia, illuminated sport podium fronts, etc.

Delivery Sport Podium Informations

Depending on the Customer’s choice, we prepare „ready-to-use” sports podiums, sent on dedicated or standard pallets, but we also prepare sets for very simple self-assembly. Self-assembly requires only basic skills related to screwing in connectors and assembling elements in accordance with the attached assembly instructions.

The configurator allows you to specify the implementation method. Pods for self-assembly take up less space, so it is possible to send parcels by courier, but for large podiums they are usually shipped on pallets anyway.

The cost of delivery sport podium informations is: Pallet (or pallets),MDF protection, protection against movement, belts transport, cardboard, foil and the cost of the carrier (e.g. DHL).

Its depends on many variables: podium size, weight, method, security and shipping address. The type of podium also affects the delivery cost. In Podium Informations.

Foldable podium is usually cheaper to ship (for small models). We prepare for wholesale orders assembly kits in cardboard packaging for self-assembly.

 The final offer is prepared individually or we invite you to pick up the order via a prefered carrier of yours. We carry out valuations via